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Título: Nematicidal activity of Solanum nigrum and S. sisymbriifolium extracts against the root-lesion nematode Pratylenchus goodeyi and its effects on infection and gene expression
Autor: Correia, Margarida Cristina Camacho Pestana
Orientador: Gouveia, Maria Manuela Câmara de
Abrantes, Isabel Maria de Oliveira
Palavras-chave: Nematicidal activity
P. goodeyi
Solanum extracts
Gene expression
Chemical compounds
Biological Sciences
Centro de Ciências da Vida
Data de Defesa: 2014
Resumo: The control of Pratylenchus goodeyi a common nematode parasite of banana crop in Madeira Island can benefit from searching for natural nematicides through plants extracts. With this aim we submitted Solanum nigrum and S. sisymbriifolium dried plants to a sequential extraction in the solvent sequence of dichloromethane, acetone, ethanol and water, and to na aqueous extraction of the fresh and dried plants. Analyses with the extracts at several concentrations were used to assess mobility and mortality on P. goodeyi. Results showed that the water extract and aqueous extracts from both plants at a concentration of 10 mg/mL affected nematode mobility and caused mortality but the acetone extract from S. nigrum was the most efficient, causing 100% mortality whereas dichloromethane had no effect on P. goodeyi. Determination of the lipophilic and phenolic compounds present in the two most effective Solanum extracts (acetone and water) and in dichloromethane extract revealed that some of these compounds had nematicidal activity. S. nigrum acetone extract (10 mg/mL) was used to find out the nematicidal potential following the effect at gene expression level and nematode behaviour. Genes coding for calreticulin and beta-1,4- endoglucanase related to parasitism and translocon-associated protein putatively connected to stress were obtained and its relative expression assessed in nematodes exposed to the extract. Results revealed that expression of Pg-CRT decreased showing to influence the infection, Pg-ENG remained steady and Pg-TRAPδ was induced over time exposure. Biological assays showed that P. goodeyi mobility and ability to infect the banana roots were affected as a decrease in the number of nematodes that reached the roots was obtained with the increased exposure time to the extract being implicated in the infection success. The information obtained from this thesis showed that S. nigrum has potential to be used for the development of a new control strategy against plant-parasitic nematodes.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.13/825
Designação: Docorate in Biologial Sciences
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