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Set-20043-Hydroxy-4, 5-dimethyl-2 (5 H)-furanone levels in fortified Madeira wines: Relationship to sugar contentCâmara, José Sousa; Marques, José C.; Alves, Maria Arminda; Ferreira, António C. SilvaarticleopenAccess
Set-2012Allergic asthma exhaled breath metabolome: a challenge for comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatographyCaldeira, M.; Perestrelo, Rosa Maria de Sá; Barros, António S.; Bilelo, M. J.; Morête, A.; Câmara, J. S.; Rocha, Sílvia M.articleopenAccess
Jan-2012An improved and fast UHPLC-PDA methodology for determination of L-ascorbic and dehydroascorbic acids in fruits and vegetables: evaluation of degradation rate during storageSpínola, Vítor; Mendes, Berta Rodrigues; Câmara, José S.; Castilho, Paula C.articleopenAccess
Mar-2006Analytical characterization of the aroma of Tinta Negra Mole red wine: Identification of the main odorants compoundsPerestrelo, Rosa Maria de Sá; Fernandes, A.; Albuquerque, F. F.; Marques, J. C.; Câmara, J. S.articleopenAccess
2004Caracterização aromática de castas produtoras de vinho Madeira: boal, malvazia, sercial e verdelhoCâmara, José de SousadoctoralThesisopenAccess
Mar-2006Changes in volatile composition of Madeira wines during their oxidative ageingCâmara, J. S.; Alves, Maria Arminda; Marques, J. C.articleopenAccess
Mar-2009Characterization of volatile substances in apples from rosaceae family by headspace solid‐phase microextraction followed by GC‐qMSFerreira, Liseth; Perestrelo, Rosa Maria de Sá; Caldeira, Michael Manuel Lima; Câmara, José S.articleopenAccess
2007Classification of Boal, Malvazia, Sercial and Verdelho wines based on terpenoid patternsCâmara, José Sousa; Alves, Maria Arminda; Marques, José CarlosarticleopenAccess
Jan-2009Comparative analysis of the volatile fraction from Annona cherimola Mill. cultivars by solid-phase microextraction and gas chromatography–quadrupole mass spectrometry detectionFerreira, Liseth; Perestrelo, Rosa Maria de Sá; Câmara, J. S.articleopenAccess
Mai-2007Comparative study of the whisky aroma profile based on headspace solid phase microextraction using different fibre coatingsCâmara, J. S.; Marques, J. C.; Perestrelo, Rosa Maria de Sá; Rodrigues, F.; Oliveira, L.; Andrade, P.; Caldeira, M.articleopenAccess
Nov-2007Comparison of two extraction methods for evaluation of volatile constituents patterns in commercial whiskeys: Elucidation of the main odour-active compoundsCaldeira, M.; Rodrigues, F.; Perestrelo, Rosa Maria de Sá; Marques, J. C.; Câmara, J. S.articleopenAccess
Mai-2010Comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography with time-of-flight mass spectrometry combined with solid phase microextraction as a powerful tool for quantification of ethyl carbamate in fortified wines. The case study of Madeira winePerestrelo, Rosa Maria de Sá; Petronilho, Silvia; Câmara, José S.; Rocha, Sílvia M.articleopenAccess
Jan-2011Content in metallic ions of wines from the Madeira and Azores archipelagosPérez Trujillo, Juan P.; Conde, José E.; Pérez Pont, Maria L.; Marques, José C.; Câmara, J.articleopenAccess
Fev-2008Development of a dynamic headspace solid-phase microextraction procedure coupled to GC–qMSD for evaluation the chemical profile in alcoholic beveragesRodrigues, F.; Caldeira, M.; Câmara, J. S.articleopenAccess
Mar-2012Development of a novel microextraction by packed sorbent-based approach followed by ultrahigh pressure liquid chromatography as a powerful technique for quantification phenolic constituents of biological interest in winesGonçalves, João; Mendes, Berta Rodrigues; Silva, Catarina L.; Câmara, José S.articleopenAccess
Out-2005Development of headspace solid-phase microextraction-gas chromatography–mass spectrometry methodology for analysis of terpenoids in Madeira winesCâmara, J. S.; Alves, Maria Arminda; Marques, J. C.articleopenAccess
Abr-2012Dynamic headspace solid-phase microextraction combined with one-dimensional gas chromatography–mass spectrometry as a powerful tool to differentiate banana cultivars based on their volatile metabolite profilePontes, Marisela; Pereira, Jorge; Câmara, José S.articleopenAccess
Jan-2011Effectiveness of different solid-phase microextraction fibres for differentiation of selected Madeira island fruits based on their volatile metabolite profile: identification of novel compoundsPereira, João; Pereira, Jorge; Câmara, José S.articleopenAccess
Jan-2012Effectiveness of high-throughput miniaturized sorbent- and solid phase microextraction techniques combined with gas chromatography–mass spectrometry analysis for a rapid screening of volatile and semi-volatile composition of wines: a comparative studyMendes, Berta Rodrigues; Gonçalves, João; Câmara, José S.articleopenAccess
2018Establishment of the Volatile Signature of Wine-Based Aromatic Vinegars Subjected to MacerationPerestrelo, Rosa; Silva, Catarina L.; Silva, Pedro; Câmara, José S.articleopenAccess