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Título: WOW: wiki aided organization draWing
Autor: Nunes, Roberto Milton Gouveia
Orientador: Aveiro, David Sardinha Andrade de
Palavras-chave: Organizational engineering
Universal diagram editor
Informatics Engineering
Centro de Ciências Exatas e de Engenharia
Data de Defesa: 21-Jul-2014
Resumo: As the world evolves, organizations are becoming more and more complex, and the need to understand that complexity is increasing as well. With this demand, arises organizational engineering, which is a subject that emerged with the purpose to make organizations easier to understand, by putting in practice the concept of organizational self-awareness, which means that that the collaborators who are part of an organization, need to understand it and know what their role in it is. The DEMO methodology (Design Engineering Methodology for Organizations), came up with the purpose of representing these organizations’ self-awareness, through the definition and creation of consistent and coherent diagrams. Semantic wikis have features that can help in enterprise modelling. UEAOM (Universal Enterprise Adaptive Organization Model) is a model that allows the specification and dynamic evolution of languages, meta-models, models, and their representations as diagrams and tables. In this project, it was implemented a system based on UEAOM, and Semantic Media Wiki which allows a graphical creation and edition of diagrams. UEAOM can be divided into the meta-modeling level where a language is defined, and the modelling level where instances of classes of that language are created. The system we developed focuses on the modeling level, but will takes as a basis the project that focuses on meta-modeling. The DEMO language was used as an example for the implementation and tests of a graphical editor, based in web technologies and SVG, integrated with SemanticMediaWiki to allow an intuitive, coherent and consistent navigation and editing of organization diagrams.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.13/616
Designação: Master in Informatics Engineering
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